ScatterChart of results. (see the doc of Google)

Data format

Each row in the table represents a set of data points with the same x-axis value. To specify multiple series, specify two or more Y-axis columns, and specify Y values in only one Y column: See an example

Column Type Description
0 string, number, or date/datetime/timeofday Data point X values
1 string, number, or date/datetime/timeofday Series 1 Y values/td>
N string, number, or date/datetime/timeofday Series N Y values

Chart options

Each option is separated by a '|' or '!' (for Mediawiki).

Name Default Description
width 100% Chart width
height Chart height
Others... You can use the configuration options of Google. See the doc



With options : title=Age vs Weight comparison|hAxis.title=Age|hAxis.minValue=0|hAxis.maxValue=15|vAxis.title=Weight|vAxis.minValue= 0|vAxis.maxValue=15|legend=none