A Google chart that lets you render each series as a different marker type from the following list: line, area, bars, candlesticks, and stepped area. To assign a default marker type for series, specify the seriesType property. Use the series property to specify properties of each series individually. (see the doc of Google)

Data format

Each row in the table represents a set of data points with the same x-axis location. see details

Column Type Description
0 string (discrete) or number, date, datetime, or timeofday (continuous) X-axis group labels (discrete) or X-axis values (continuous)
1 Number Line 1 values
N Number Line N values

Chart options

Each option is separated by a '|' or '!' (for Mediawiki).

Name Default Description
width 100% Chart width
height Chart height
Others... You can use the configuration options of Google. See the doc